PEFS Board Members

Meet the PEFS 2022/2023 Board Members & PEFS Manager


Donna Renaud, Manager

Donna has been managing the Provincial Employees Fitness Society since 2006, through her company All About Fitness Ltd. Donna is Trainer of Fitness Leaders and has been training and teaching group fitness since 1993. She brings a wealth of expertise and energy to her role at PEFS and is an advocate for employee wellness.

Darcy Dragseth
 Board Position: Chair

"I’ve been a member for 8 years and love the lunch hour classes.  The variety of classes has been wonderful.  I’ve tried them all and feel that everyone should schedule a break during their busy days to exercise, relieve stress, and give your body a break from sitting.  The best part is that I have fun, make new friends, laugh at myself, and come away more energized." – Darcy

Susanna Francis Board Position: Secretary

“I have been using the fitness centre for several years as part of my total fitness routine, picking different classes according to my fitness level and general health.  We are so fortunate to have a great workout space and such a variety of equipment and classes.  Having choices for employee fitness is definitely worth taking advantage of and supporting!  Class activity works best for me and I appreciate the variety of exercises and different supportive voices of each of the instructors.” – Susanna

Greg Clarke Board Position: Director

"I have been a member of PEFS since 2004.  I’m a big believer in a regular fitness program as I truly believe this helps reduce stress, lessens sick leave, contributes to a healthy workplace, and promotes a positive work-life balance."   - Greg

Leah Munro Board Position: Vice Chair

Leah has been an active person her whole life, she thinks it is so important for overall health and she really appreciates being able to work out on her lunch! She will be found at the gym doing her own workout or at yoga classes, she is a yoga lover. Even during COVID she is still doing workouts at home, loving the PEFS online classes and really appreciates the gym opening back up for the equipment. Leah is a new board member but has been actively using the PEFS since starting at 4000 Seymour in 2018 but has been working out on her lunches since 2015 and has no interest in stopping that anytime soon.

Charles Middleton Board Position: Treasurer

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Gary Merrick Board Position: Director

Joining the board this year allows me to give back to the fitness community. Physical fitness was a lifestyle during my career with the Canadian military. As a retired CAF member, you will often find me putting in the kilometres on the Galloping Goose. Having a gym at 4000 Seymour allows me to augment my walks with resistance training and a provide a safe, dry facility for cardio during the winter months.

Margaret Case Board Position: Director

I have been a member of PEFS for nearly a decade and have tried a variety of classes. My favorite is yoga - I enjoy the different styles of the instructors and I’m always learning something new. Physical activity is good for people’s health at every ability and the classes are a saving grace to have a regular commitment, especially in the winter. I hope to see more people join to experience all the benefits of movement, social connections and a healthy routine.

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