To be eligible for Membership with the Provincial Employees Fitness Society and participate in our programming, a Person must:

(a) be employed in the British Columbia Public Sector; or
(b) be employed at a work site at which the Society operates a facility.

2 Options! Membership or Pay Per Use

General Membership Information: To become a Member, eligible persons must complete the registration form (on registration tab) and waiver, and submit the forms with the registration fee to the fitness centre office. 

Members can chose one of the options below...

Usage Option 1:Full Access Membership Including unlimited classes at 1515 Blanshard, access to our archive of 200+ class videos and access to 4000 Seymour (if requested)
 $19.98 biweekly plus taxes ($20.98)
Includes access to your choice of any/all of our facilities and unlimited access to scheduled classes in our studio at 1515 Blanshard.

Usage Option 2:Equipment Usage Membership @ Seymour
 $15.98 biweekly plus taxes ($16.78)
Includes access to 4000 Seymour for equipment use only, classes not included.

Registered Drop-in Options: No Membership form needed (booking info below)

1515 Blanshard: Pay for individual classes or class packages without payroll deduction membership by using our booking site (Acuity). Secure payment via STRIPE. See Classes page for more info.

4000 Seymour: For CITZ staff only. $5 Pre-booked drop-in available for 4000 Seymour gym.

Acuity Booking

Registration forms can be found at each of the centres, printed off of this website or obtained from PEFS Manager, Donna  @ 778-698-3777.

Cancelling Membership (for payroll deduction members)
Membership can be cancelled by way of written (email) request to the fitness centre, or by completing the cancellation form. Cancellation requests are processed by pay period and are effective at the end of the pay period in which the request is received, unless requested for a future pay period end. The fitness centre manager will confirm when cancellations are received and forwarded to payroll services but it is the responsibility of the Member to ensure deductions cease thereafter.