4000 SEYMOUR PLACE  (778-698-3777)

Located in  Saanich near Blanshard and Cloverdale, this Fitness Centre offers a comfortable, safe environment to work out. The gym is equipped primarily with Precor cardio and strength equipment, featuring 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, a rower, an upright and recumbent bike as well as a spin bike, resistance machines, a smith machine, dumbbells up to 75lbs, new precor multi-benches and a variety of accessory equipment such as mats, and balls. 

This centre is located on the main floor of the complex. Member access is 24/7 for those who are building tenants or CITZ employees, and 6am-6pm for non-tenant members (non-CITZ).

For more information: fitnesscentre@gov.bc.ca 
        Smith Machine/Precor Multi-Benches



Located in the basement of the Health Building at 1515 Blanshard (Beside auditorium A), this studio space is well stocked with a wide variety of equipment and currently offers lunch time classes each day. Class participants from outside the building must currently sign in with Security each visit (no access for non-tenants available outside class time due to sign-in protocols currently in place). Members from within the building are provided with access on their existing building ID cards. The primary activity at this location is group fitness classes, as there is accessory equipment such as dumbbells (up to 15 lbs), balls, tubing, body bars and skipping ropes as well, but no gym equipment.