Class Descriptions

In-Person Classes 

Body Shop
A dynamic strength and conditioning class that utilizes a variety of equipment and body weight exercises to achieve a total body workout. (bar, tubing, weights, balls). Join Donna for a varied workout each week!

Interval Training
Interval Training with Donna is the class for anyone who wants to get their heart rate up and get a great strength workout all in one go! A mix of cardio and strength intervals...low impact, high impact... you get to decide, options for everyone! Zero% choreography, 100% sweat!

This core focused class is a blending of  traditional fitness exercises that strengthen and tone with Pilates exercises that build stamina and endurance. This fantastic core workout includes mat and standing work that targets abdominal, pelvic floor, back and hip musculature. Get ready to challenge your core with Renee!

Vinyasa Flow 
This class is designed to be accessible to beginners but still be challenging for all levels. This class combines movements that flow together and are intended to bring students to a deeper connection within their own bodies. Come meet the amazing Mai as he brings a wealth of knowledge to this class.
Friday Yoga 
A fusion of classic yoga practice and stretching focused on neck, shoulders, back, hips and balance! A class designed with everyone in mind. No previous Yoga experience required. A great way to wrap up your week with the lovely Kumi!